Christine Alexander

Christine Alexander

Christine was born and raised in Oakville. Her scope of talents, personal drive, professional energy, and positive attitude has led her to own the successful salon since 1988.

Christine has an easy-going down-to-earth personality and has a unique candor; she delivers an authentic point-of-view leaving you knowing that she always has your best interests at heart. Christine relates to many people and makes her clientele often feel like longtime friends or family. Her fresh, free-spirited nature is infectiously comical.

She is a highly motivated individual and considers ongoing education a crucial and important part of her life and her career. Christine keeps current with the trends in the hair and Salon industry. She has a very loyal clientele that have followed her in her career since the beginning in 1988.

Christine loves doing hair colour and specializes in corrective hair colour as an educator for the company compania Del colore C.D.C, “the guru of hair color.” Christine excels in all hair cutting styles and is quite known for her artistic flair. Christine is also called The hair Bob Queen.

Christine specializes in all hair cutting and styling and she has focused on Deva inspired styling and cutting since 2008.


  • Hair Colour
  • Corrective Colour
  • Curly Hair (Deva Trained)

Examples of Christine’s work: