Covid-19 Updates

Page last updated: October 1, 2021

Our Covid-19 procedures are as follows:

  • All common areas and objects will be sanitized on a very regular basis
  • All stations and equipment will be sanitized in between every client
  • All staff will be screened before every shift and will be required to practice regular hand washing
  • All stylists will be wearing either a surgical mask or face shield during hair services
  • Hand sanitizer will be made available throughout the salon
  • Clients will be asked to wash their hands or use hand sanitizer upon arrival
  • Clients are welcome to bring their own magazine or beverage as these services will be suspended for the time being. We also ask that you only bring in necessary items to your hair appointment.
  • All clients will be screened before each visit which will include a series of questions and temperature being taken. We ask that you cancel an appointment if you believe you have had contact with an infected person or are feeling ill. Due to high demand of appointments we will be implementing a Cancellation Fee of $50 for anyone not giving at least 24 hour notice
  • Each client will be asked to sign in to keep accurate records of every individual entering our establishment
  • All clients will be expected to wear a mask. We ask that you arrive with one, however masks will be provided if you don’t have one
  • At this time we ask that you come alone to your appointment
  • It is a small space but please to your best to adhere to social distancing rules where possible
  • Plexiglass will be installed at the front desk to protect both staff and clients
  • Appointments will be scheduled to allow more time in between clients to properly sanitize the area
  • Complying with new regulations drastically impedes the efficiency at which we operate.  We understand that everyone would like an appointment and we appreciate your patience. We are going to be very taxed with our time and we will do out best to get all our valued customers looked after to the best of our ability
  • Our time will be more valuable than ever with the increased demand. During this time to allow us to serve as many clients as possible base colours, partial highlights, balayage touch ups and haircuts will be available. More complex services such as colour corrections, major colour transformations and full highlights will not be offered.
  • When you are called to book your appointment it is crucial for full transparency about what “home touch ups” may have been done since your last visit in order to accurately book you for the correct service. Please understand that corrective services often require more product and time and will be charged accordingly.
  • All forms of payment will be accepted
  • Many of you are aware, Ashley and Christine run hot in the winter. We are both struggling with the heat working in a mask so the temperature of the salon will be cool. Please dress accordingly so that you are comfortable

Updated Fees

Money is often an uncomfortable topic to discuss. We often avoid it, especially because we love our work and our clients. Over the duration of the past few months we have done a lot of administrative work on our business assessing costs for various items; everything from lightener, colour, foils, shampoo, styling products, rent, hydro, credit card machines and most importantly our time. Time has always been the most valuable part of our job and we have not adjusted accordingly over the years with inflation. As a result of this we are implementing a long overdue price increase in order for our business to survive.

The majority of clients will notice a price increase of approximately 15%. The biggest increase will be in services such as balayage and other more complex colour services. When these services first came out it was a bit of a learning curve and something we were excited to offer as they are beautiful and in demand. These looks required additional education, more product, steps and typically at least an hour more of time therefore these services will be priced about $100 more than in the past. We understand this is quite a large jump, however we were drastically undercharging as we were learning how to incorporate them into our business model.

Thank you for your support as we move forward.